Welcome to hydro culture

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Welcome to hydro culture


This is different approach to growing plants, and there are many advantages that come with it. After a while it becomes second nature, what you put is what you’ll get out. There will be times of jubilation and of course with any new craft there will be times of frustration, but thats part of the journey. Sometimes a different approach can ignite some sort of hidden magic that lies within you.

There could be a time in the near future where land and water will become a scarce and sought after commodity, hydroculture offers many solutions to that problem.


I’m glad you asked, hydroponics offers a Smörgåsbord of advantages and benefits, geeez I really hate the saying Smörgåsbord. Lets call is a cheese platter, you know, the kind you get a some rustic restaurant in the Cape wine lands.

First and most importantly of all is that Hydroponics saves over 60% on water consumption, how come you may ask? Well…the water sits in a contained space and is not given the opportunity to drain or evaporate. Cape Town is in a severe drought and is about as dry as a no-name cream cracker right now so anything that saves water is a winner.

Furthermore hydroponics grows really fast, the roots are not having to search through soil for nutrients, instead they simply have to absorb them through the nutrient rich solution they are in. There is also less chance or your plant being infected by nasty bugs because there is no soil

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So you’re keen to dip your toes in the metaphorical hydroponic pool. You can build your own system and there are many tutorials online that will show you how. Or you can invest in a hydroponic starter kit which includes every you need to get started, just add a plant and you’re on your way. We also build custom systems to cater to your needs.



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